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Gold Calculator

Thanks for visiting GoldValue.co and our handy-dandy Gold Value Calculator. Who can benefit from this calculator? Gold investors, pawn shops, gold shops, coin shops, gold hobbyist and miners, cash for gold shops, and more. We’ve given you this tool as a gift, please help us in return by promoting the app by sharing it on Facebook, Twitter, and with your friends. The more interest we see in the tool the more we will develop it in the future.

Current Gold Price: $2425.54/oz

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All Karats Per Todays Prices USD (gram)

Gold Price Per Gram Market
24k $77.98 USD
23k $74.71 USD
22k $71.51 USD
21.6k $70.18 USD
21k $68.24 USD
20k $64.96 USD
19k $61.76 USD
18k $58.49 USD
17k $55.21 USD
16k $52.01 USD
15k $48.74 USD
14k $45.46 USD
13k $42.27 USD
12k $38.99 USD
11k $35.72 USD
10k $32.52 USD
9k $29.24 USD
8k $25.97 USD
7k $22.77 USD
6k $19.50 USD