How to find Gold?

How to find Gold?
How to find Gold?

Do you have gold fever? Trying to figure out how to find gold in and around the places you live? Chances are it’s there, you just need to know where to look. Panning for for gold is a rewarding, fun, and relaxing hobby that could create some part time income. Gold gets it value from its rarity, rarity can me measured by the number of man hours it takes to get a gram out of the ground. This same method has been applied to these recent digital currencies like Bitcoin. With BitCoins end users create computers often called miners that run calculations, whenever a calculation has processed correctly some measurement of value is generated and given to the owner. Gold is nearly everywhere, it’s just a question of how much gold.

Dont Look For Nuggets

By this we mean don’t set the bar at nuggets, if you find a gold nugget awesome!, but chances are you will only find tiny fragments called fine gold usually measured in mesh sizes.

How to find Gold?

There are many hotbeds around the world for gold. If you are a hobbyist then chances are you won’t be traveling very far to pan. We suggest you get yourself a small panning kit, we like the Garrett Gold Pan Kit although there are other options. Assuming you have a pan and possibly a classifier (looks like a pan just has big holes in it), start small and head down to your creek if you have one, don’t have a creek then find a friend and get permission to use his/hers.

Gold weighs about 20x more than water, it’s heavy and dense. This means that over time it settles below the sand, and rocks and will normally be found sitting on a bedrock layer. If you can reach the bedrock good, if not there are some other place that are worth a look.

Where to look for gold?

  • Sandbars that have dark sandy deposits these deposits indicate heavy minerals
  • Behind large boulders or rocks, gold will often settle in the hard pack behind boulders
  • Mountain streams in general
  • Low pressure zones in the stream, areas where the stream widens and may have deposited gold
  • Cracks or fissures in rocks. Once gold settles there it will almost never leave.

If all else fails just remember to enjoy your time outdoors. Chances are you will find some gold, again the question is just how much gold. Please share and bookmark this page. We will try to update it from time to time, and of course please share your comments and tips below, and as always thanks for reading.

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