Gold Krugerrand Value (South African)

South African Krugerrand
South African Krugerrand

As perhaps the first bullion coin ever designed and issued, the Gold South African Krugerrand is regarded as the “elder statesman” of gold bullion coins. Due to its popularity, other countries followed suit years later with the U.S. government minting the American Gold Eagle coins and Canada issuing the Canadian Gold Maple Leaf coins. This coin comes in 1 oz, 1/2 oz, 1/4 oz, 1/10 oz sizes. Use the calculator to help figure out the melt value of any.

Denomination Diameter
Purity Gold content Current Melt Value
(g) (oz)
1 oz 32.77 2.84 33.930 22 karat 91.67% 31.103 1.000 $2128.05
1/2 oz 27.07 2.215 16.965 22 karat 91.67% 15.552 0.500 $1064.02
1/4 oz 22.06 1.888 8.482 22 karat 91.67% 7.776 0.250 $532.01
1/10 oz 16.55 1.35 3.393 22 karat 91.67% 3.110 0.100 $212.80

1 oz Gold Gold Krugerrand

While the coin itself weighs 1 ounce, the 1 oz Gold South African Krugerrand is actually only 91.7% gold with the remainder metal being copper. This lends an orange tint to the coin instead of the more brilliant hue when silver is used. Since this is strictly a bullion coin, the 1 oz Gold South African Krugerrand has a value based strictly on gold spot value with a slight premium. These coins, while collectible in their own right, are more of a gold investment coin instead of a collectible coin such as the Canadian Gold Maple Leaf or U.S. American Gold Eagle coins.

Current Gold Price: $2320.66/oz

Amount(USD): Gold: Ounces


Measure: Carat:
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Recognized worldwide as the first standard for gold bullion coins, the 1 oz Gold South African Krugerrand is a very popular and very attractive way for investors to have gold on-hand and is a great alternative to gold bars or ingots.

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