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Gold Krugerrand Value (South African)

South African Krugerrand

As perhaps the first bullion coin ever designed and issued, the Gold South African Krugerrand is regarded as the “elder statesman” of gold bullion coins. Due to its popularity, other countries followed suit years later with the U.S. government minting the American Gold Eagle coins and Canada issuing the Canadian Gold Maple Leaf coins. This coin comes inĀ 1 oz, 1/2 ... Read More »

Where to Find Gold

Finding Some Gold

Panning, digging, dredging, and mining are great ways to find gold in various quantities. Most people know how to find it, but very few know where to find gold. The year was 1849 and all of a sudden, everyone was rushing to California to make their fortune with gold. Miners and panners alike found, and spent, those fortunes in towns ... Read More »

Investing in Gold Futures and Options

Investing in Futures and Options

Gold investments, on the whole, have continually been solid investments, especially in the long run. When you make an investment in gold, you can either do it with hard metal such as bullion, bullion coins or gold coins that are (or were) used as legal tender. However, many people like to use “paper” gold since these investments, theoretically tied to ... Read More »

Investing in ETFs and Certificates

Investing in ETFs and Certificates

Looking to do some light or heavy investing in gold? This article takes a closer look atĀ investing in ETFs and Certificates. If you’re investing in gold, there are two ways to do it. Direct hard metal investments or investing in “paper” gold. Hard metal investments involve owning, storing and securing the gold metal itself. This could be through gold bullion ... Read More »

Investing in Gold Stocks

Investing in Gold Stocks

We put together this helpful article to assist those who might be thinking of investing in gold stocks. When it comes to investing in gold, there are a few ways you can do it. You can go for straight bullion with bar stock or ingots like those from Johnson Matthey or you can invest in bullion coins such as the ... Read More »